Account Set-up

The funds in your Fluidkey account are self-custodial, they can only be accessed through your wallet.

Fluidkey is currently in beta, join the waitlist at

Creating a Fluidkey account requires the following steps:

  1. Connecting your wallet: your account will be controlled by the wallet you connect. Losing access to this wallet means losing access to your Fluidkey account, so make sure to use a secure wallet and to back up your private keys. If you don't have a wallet, you can connect with your email, Google, or Farcaster account and a Privy wallet will be created for you.

  2. Setting a PIN: a PIN gives you extra security against phishing attacks. An attacker trying to access your account by asking you to sign the message in step 3 would also need to know your PIN in order to get access to your funds.

  3. Signing the key generation message: you will be asked to sign a first message. The signature of this message is how the keys controlling your Fluidkey funds are generated. Make sure to only sign this message on These keys never leave your device and you will be asked to sign this message again to re-generate your keys for a new session.

  4. Signing the authentication message: as a final step, we ask you to sign a second message to ensure someone is not trying to impersonate you.

That's it, your Fluidkey account is now set up. Check Receiving Funds to learn how to start adding funds to the account.

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