Labels allow you to categorize incoming funds and control which funds are used for outgoing transactions.

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Why use labels?

With labels, you get full control over your privacy by deciding which funds are used for each outgoing transaction. You can for example categorize incoming transfers as clients, personal, and investments and decide to only use your clients funds for a specific transaction.

This means that the recipient of this transaction will only see funds coming from sources that you have labeled as clients. Additionally, our algorithm will compute the most private way to send these funds from all transactions labeled as clients.

Sending funds with Fluidkey.
Using labels in Fluidkey.

How to use labels

You can create a new label by clicking on the + button next to each incoming transaction in Activity. You can either select an existing label or create a new one by typing its name and selecting its color. Each transaction can have multiple labels.

You can remove a label from a transaction by clicking on the x button next to the label name.

In the Send modal, you can select labels in the "using funds from" dropdown. This will only show labels that have a positive balance in the token you want to send. You can select multiple labels in this dropdown.

Labels can be used to categorize specific incoming transactions, e.g. salary-may-24, or to categorize a group of incoming transactions, e.g. salary.

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