Sending Funds

When you send funds to someone from your Fluidkey account, we find the most private way to do so.

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How to start sending funds

You can send funds from any of your available tokens by pressing the ↗ arrow next to the balance of your choice.

Fill in the amount you wish to send and the address of the recipient, which can be a standard Ethereum hex address or an ENS address. Fluidkey will then compute the best path to send these funds, by automatically selecting one or a few stealth accounts which have balances that are close to the amount you wish to send. We plan to offer more options in the future, such as manually selecting the stealth account you wish to send from.

Once you press the Send button, if you are opening Fluidkey in a new session, you will be asked to input your PIN and sign the key generation message to regenerate your private keys (which never leave your device).

Finally, you will be asked to confirm the transaction. Once you do, Fluidkey will automatically send the funds from the stealth accounts it selected to the recipient address you specified.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible, so make sure you are sending the right amount of funds to the right address.

Best practices to preserve your privacy

You can use the Fluidkey Labels feature to control which specific funds are used for outgoing transactions.

In order to preserve the unlinkability of your Fluidkey funds, avoid sending payments directly to addresses that are clearly tied to you. We recommend keeping funds inside of Fluidkey and sending funds to addresses that are not linked to your identity, such as wallets of third parties or exchanges.

If you do end up sending funds to addresses that are clearly tied to you, Fluidkey still gives the benefit of moving money from an account that, to an external observer, could be controlled by a third party or yourself. We plan to add options making it easier to send funds to your own wallets with stronger privacy in the future.

Transaction fees

As with any blockchain transaction, sending funds with Fluidkey incurs a gas fee. We enable users to pay for this fee in the same currency as the funds being sent.

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